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How To Rent Moving Bins:

Plastic moving boxes packed and stacked on the floor

Reserve Your Boxes

Order exactly what you need directly on our website, or you can give us a call or shoot us an email to get your order booked.


Your order is delivered

We'll show up on your selected delivery date and deliver everything right to your door. No delivery fee!


You pack and move

Now the fun begins! Once you have all your supplies it's time to pack up and move to your new place.


Your boxes are picked up

On your scheduled pickup date we'll come get the boxes from your new place. And if you need extra time during your move just give us a call to reschedule! 

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Why renting boxes will make your moving day less stressful



No worrying about the movers tossing that heavy box of books right on top of your glassware. Or the bottom of the box ripping open as you're carrying it down the stairs. Our boxes are sturdy and designed to take a beating.



Our plastic boxes will be reused hundreds of times before they eventually get recycled. Our boxes have already been used to replace thousands of wasteful cardboard boxes!



Start your order online in seconds. Choose the delivery and pickup dates that works best for you. When the day comes, we'll deliver it all right to your door!

Have questions about renting boxes? We can help!

Don't see your question answered? Please reach out! 
314-944-3392 or

How big are your boxes?

Our plastic moving boxes are 27"L x 17"W x 12"H and weigh just under 8 pounds. These are the perfect size! Small enough for you to easily carry and stack, while still  big enough to handle almost anything.
You'll be able to fit:
15 sweaters and 5 winter jackets OR
12-15 pairs of shoes OR
48 books OR
15 pairs of shorts & 30-40 t-shirts

How many boxes do I need?

We've created packages that provide the number of boxes an "average" customer needs based on the size of your current home. Individual boxes are also available for rent so you can create your own custom package if you feel like you need more or less.

Can you help with my office move?

Yes! We can assist with any office moves in our service area. If you have questions about how many boxes you will need please email us at or call at 314-944-3392.

What else is included with my box rental?

In addition to your boxes, you'll receive zip ties, box labels, a marker, and at least one cart dolly.

Do you service my area?

We service all of St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and parts of St. Charles County. We require that both your move-from and move-to addresses are within our service area. You can check our service area map to confirm or email us at if you still have questions.

What if I'm not moving, but I need boxes for storage during a home remodel?

No problem! We have customers use our boxes for temporary storage all the time. When you're checking out just enter the same address for your delivery and pickup.

Are your boxes clean?

Yes! We hand clean each box one-by-one after every rental. We remove all labels, clean out any debris, and whip down the box with a soap and water mix.

Can I reschedule my delivery or pickup date?

Yes you can! Please reach out to us via email at or call 314-944-3392.

Do you provide packing or moving services?

No we do not provide any additional services. We can only supply you with the boxes.

Don't have any regrets on moving day...
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Tyler White

Founder of Box It Up
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Each year 15 million American families pack up everything and move.

The problem is... no body likes moving! Packing up everything you own, scheduling a truck or finding movers, it can be incredibly stressful. The last thing you should have to worry about are the boxes you use.

Unfortunately, using cardboard boxes will cause nothing but more stress. First, you have to find the boxes and hope you have enough. Then, you'll have to spend hours taping boxes together just to get them ready to pack. After that, all you can do is hope your stuff doesn't get crushed while moving. And at the end of it all, you'll have a huge pile of cardboard you'll need to get rid of. I know this process all too well...

That's why I started Box It Up - to give my community in St. Louis a better option for moving and storage. Something more sustainable and less stressful. So far, we've helped dozens of St. Louis families like yours move more safely and sustainable, and haven't had a bad review yet. I'd love it if you gave us the opportunity to help with your move!